Frequently Asked Questions

How many artists created all of this work?

This site originally featured the works of two artists working seperately.  It now contains only the steampunk art of  Ed Kidera.  The work created by Dan Stuart is now seen at Iron Antler Forge. Besure to check out both artists work.

How do I purchase this wonderful work?

Items that are currently in stock are available at

How do I order one of your sculptures?

Contact the respective artist here and let them know the item that you are interested in. These items are all hand done and the artist’s put a lot of time and love into each piece. For this reason they like meeting or at least making some kind of connection with interested buyers via phone or e-mail. This why we do not currently have a shopping cart on this website.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, all forms of payment are welcome.

How often is work added to the site?

Ed is constantly creating new works, both steampunk and non steampunk.  As new steampunk related works are created they are added to the pages of The Steam Emporium.  Ed is better at creating his work than updating the website so it may be out of date.  Any item currently in stock is on the Etsy site, usually within 5 days of being created. Besure to check back frequently to see what is new.

Do you do custom work?

Yes, custom work is welcome. Ed has a great deal of experience working with metal both for functional works (tables, chairs, railing, etc.) and purely sculptural pieces. Contact the artist here to enquire further.

Do you create non-Steampunk works?

Yes, visit Ed’s other website at

Do the weapons really work?

Yes, they do exactly what they where created for which is sparking the imagination and creating great conversations between friends, family, or clients. Sorry kids, the guns don’t really fire and the jet packs will only take you as far as you’re willing to walk. Items like clocks, canes, vessels, and functional artwork of that nature will work in the real world.

Can I visit your studio?

Several times a year Ed opens his studio up to the public with both his steampunk work and his the rest of his metal work.  Show schedule go here

Do you accept ideas/suggestions to add to your story?

Yes, the worlds that we create are an ongoing project and we love to hear feedback and ideas! Please email us your ideas here

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