Teapot and Set

Circa 1887

Steampunk teapot


Price $580 Available

14” W x 17” H x 14” D


Teapot, tray, and mugs designed by Bernard Maets, a little known but very prolific inventor of the 19th century.  Bernard Maets lived a reclusive existence in rural southeast Wisconsin. He was known to enjoy a cup of tea most afternoons.

Type and Function:

This set is made from steel, copper and brass using many of the same materials Maets used for most of his work. The tray includes a chinese symbol and both tea cups are decorated with the two symbols Eternal Energy.

Recovery Site:

Somewhere in the 1890s the tea set was given to an as unknown collector. It later was sold at a Christy’s Auction in New York and then donated to the Maets Foundation for research. After years of research it is now available for a new home.

Principal Investigator:

This object has been recovered, studied and restored by Ed Kidera, discover the reality
Note from Mr. Kidera: “Although function it is a little heavy for everyday use.”


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