Wall Hangings

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Wall hangings designed by Bernard Maets. Mr. Maets specialized in a wide variety of weapons and tools using steam as the primary energy source. Bernard also had an artistic side, using materials from his shop in Wisconsin to create a variety of wall hangings.  Some of the wall hangings are also clocks.

Type and Function:

Each is one of a kind, made from materials otherwise used for weapons, time machines and canes.  Bernard liked using gears as one of the primary materials.

Recovery Site:

Discovery and recovery continues at the shop complex in southeast Wisconsin used by Bernard V. Maets from 1878 to 1907. Many crates of miscellaneous parts have been obtained by the foundation. Some of them had been packed away, while others still hung in the shop and house were they had for decades.

Back Story:

Learn more about the origins of the wall hangings.

Principal Investigator:

These objects have been studied and restored by Ed Kidera. Discover the reality


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