Time Compressor

Circa 1888
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Price $1390 Sold

23.8 lbs / 16” W x 11” H x 12” D


Steam time compressor designed by Bernard V. Maets.  Unfortunately, Bernard did not believe in patenting his work and our understanding of his incredible work is limited.

Type and Function:

Reportedly designed to compress time outside of the chrono bubble generated by the machine so that time outside the bubble passes much quicker than the time inside the bubble as experienced by the operator.  This allows the user to quickly jump into the future and then return to the initial time and place.  Originally the unit only allowed viewing the future, but it was later modified to include a remote control that allows the user to remain in the future time for a period and then return directly to initial chrono space/time.  This method over comes the usually neglected spatial displacement problem associated with time travel.

Recovery Site:

One of the few items recovered from the Titanic’s pursers safe in 2003. Notes found with the Time Compressor indicate that in 1903 Maets had an encounter on a German train with a young patent clerk and that they spent the afternoon discussing train motion  and the operation of clocks.  Maets refers to the young clerk only as Al.

Principal Investigator:

This object has been recovered, studied and restored by Ed Kidera. Note from Mr. Kidera: “ I have found this item to be excellent at taking me into the future. No luck on the return trip, yet.” Learn more about Ed Kidera


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