Time Transporter Box

Circa 1900[slideshow nolink=true h=460]


Price $490 Available

18 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.


Time Transporter Box designed by Bernard V. Maets. Unfortunately, Bernard did not believe in patenting his work and our understanding of his incredible work is limited.

Type and Function:

The Time Transporter Box was designed by Bernard to transport small items to the same box at a different time.  An item was put into the box, and the transport time was set.  The item would appear at that time in the box for removal.  Although, it could supposedly transport items back in time, the Foundation has only been able to transport into the future.

Recovery Site:


Back Story:

Time loops in the shop.

Principal Investigator:

This object has been recovered, studied and restored by Ed Kidera. Note from Mr. Kidera: “ To the extent that items placed in the box reappear in the future, it appears to be working.” Learn more about Ed Kidera


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