Candelabra Back Story

Steampunk CandlestickMany of Maets’ candelabras were given as gifts to his friends, particularly those living in places or times that he felt would benefit from a little illumination. The following is a letter which was sent with one such piece, saved by the owner, Claude Monet, along with the candlestick;

Dear Claude,

        I offer you my condolences, old friend. I find myself rather taken aback by the situation you describe. I have experienced downturns of such scale myself, but I must say never so many all at once. With Camille gone, I can only imagine that you find yourself a little at a lost for what to do. To that, I say never give up. As tired a phrase as it may be, you must seal it firmly in place in your mind and follow it fervently. We humans are amazing creatures, and if we were given to collapse under strenuous circumstances we never would have become what we are today. I have beheld you at your best and I can honestly attest that no other man has as much raw potential as that which shines from you. Your work created an artistic movement, and no amount of calamity can tarnish that, or your talent.  Choose a path, commit yourself to it, and I am certain you will make it through this darker patch. To help light your way, I have crafted you this candelabra. I hope it will serve you well, and I hope the familiar feel of cog-teeth under your fingers will remind you that you will always have a home here in Wisconsin. I do hope I blunted them enough for the children to handle. There should be eight of them in the house, correct? How are your boys faring?

    Regards, your dear friend,
    Bernard Maets.


from the biography of Bernard Maets

The Unknown Wonder of Invention – by Jason Crick


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