About The Steam Emporium

The Steam Emporium has collected and compiled amazing gadgetry, unusual artifacts, and other forms of steampunkery for your veiwing and buying amusement! Custom work is also available.  New items are always being created. 

Learn more about the artists responsible for these fantastic artifacts:

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Wondering what Steampunk is?

Click here for Wikipedia’s explanation of the Steampunk genre

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Jet Packs and Ray Guns and Time Machines – Oh, My!

The Steam Emporium Masthead

The masthead used for The Steam Emporium is the sign created by Ed Kidera and used for art shows and Steampunk events. It is made of steel, copper, and brass.  The steam and sparks have been digitally added for the web site.

  • 41″Wx17″Hx5″D
  • 33 lbs

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