Maets Rezal 1879

Circa 1879
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Price $890 Sold

  • Rezal 1879 & Stand 11.8 lbs 21” W x 16” H x 6” D
  • Gun only 5.0 lbs


Steam powered weapon designed by Bernard V. Maets, a little known but very prolific inventor of the 19th century.  Unfortunately, Bernard did not believe in patenting his work and our understanding of his incredible work is limited.

Type and Function:

The Rezal is one a series of prototypes of a weapon with tremendous penetration capability in most materials. The Rezal includes a shoulder belt and display stand made from old gears.

Recovery Site:

This model was found at Menlo Park, NJ during a archive analysis in 1967.  It was initially believed to be  one of  Edison’s unknown inventions. It is now believed that the Rezal was a gift to Thomas Edison during a lunch visit by Maets in 1979.  It is unknown if Edison made any use of the weapon or why Maets would have given it to him. It is one of the earliest weapons that has been uncovered and subsequently put up for sale by the Maets Foundation.

Principal Investigator:

This object has been recovered, studied and restored by Ed Kidera, discover the reality

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