Rocket Pack Four

Circa  1910

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Price $1290 Sold

  • 15.6 lbs 19” W x 23” H x 6” D


This is the earliest  example of a rocket pack with wings for high speed climb that was created by Bernard Maets. How many of these little rocket pack were made is as yet unknown, but everyone is unique.

Type and Function:

The small center tank contains Maets’ secret element that when combined with the the steam generation engine in the main center tank/main thruster provides the force needed for generating lift  The thrust is controlled by the user with the squeeze grip, while the wing angle is controlled by a separate lever when high speed climb is needed. High pressure steam is ejected out of the two side thruster as well as the main steam tank/thruster itself. The lift is significant, but not sufficient, at this point, to lift a person. Video coming soon.

Recovery Site:

It was donated to the Maets Foundation for further research, which is on going. The donors would not reveal how they obtained the rocket pack, but hinted about a trade made by an ancestor.

Principal Investigator:

This object has been recovered, studied and restored by Ed Kidera. Unit includes a display stand. Discover the reality


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